Mitsubishi MiEV electric, CO2 emissions: 41 g per km

Cars, buses, bicycles, electric airplanes: all electric transportation that exist. Conversion, engines and electric drives for transport ...
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by Christophe » 03/12/09, 19:50

Well there is not much in the link (read what is in green), I will have to make a subject a little more serious ... I am already 1 week late there : Mrgreen:
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by Lietseu » 03/12/09, 20:41

It's official, Peugeot's takeover of Mitsubishi ...

Meow :P
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by Remundo » 23/04/11, 16:43

Hi everybody,

a fun article ...
The i-MiEV will cost 10 euros
.... in California

Mitsubishi has just announced it at the New York show: the price of the base model will be $ 27, about $ 990 less than the Leaf. Obviously, you can subtract $ 5000 from federal aid, and the state subsidy, which is $ 7500 in California, which puts the i-MiEV at $ 5000 (15 euros).

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