Velib or Bixi energy balance

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Velib or Bixi energy balance

by nonoLeRobot » 29/10/12, 16:31


it is for a friend who is doing a study on the energy balance of the bixi (velib in Quebec)

Someone would know where to find the info on the energy necessary for a velib compared to a normal bicycle.

Otherwise the same for maintenance.

thank you, nono
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by Christophe » 29/10/12, 18:30

It must be heavy very heavy in overall balance!

The infrastructure for example must cost candy when we know the price of construction work ...

Is there anything on the official sites?
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Econologue expert
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by dedeleco » 29/10/12, 18:41

Now big ladle, you take the price spent on everything, installation, bikes, batteries, plus recharge electricity and consider that 1/5 to 1/3 is spent petroleum and the rest of the wages for the work !!

And you may not be very wrong, with at least 1/5, because metals, Al, Iron, Li, rare earths, plastics, etc. from ore, require a lot of oil, electricity too, except so hydraulic in Canada, but a lot of oil in the cement of dams !!!

Otherwise, the exact calculation risks occupying several PhD students for several years, and depends on Chinese, US or European suppliers !!

So endless, in fact, a study of globalization !!!
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I posted 500 messages!
I posted 500 messages!
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by BobFuck » 29/10/12, 20:46

Bah for example in Lyon, the bikers go down the slopes, but the bikes go back up in JCDecaux truck ...

The cost is high and the utility questionable.

Finally, it brings voters to the mayor, that's the goal.
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dirk pitt
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Re: Velib or Bixi energy balance

by dirk pitt » 30/10/12, 08:46

nonoLeRobot wrote:
Someone would know where to find the info on the energy necessary for a velib compared to a normal bicycle.

I think the question is badly posed. you shouldn't necessarily compare the velib and its infrastructure to the mass of equivalent personal bikes but rather to the transfer of type of mobility that it induces. that is to say: how many people will use velib instead of their car.
all these people who use velib daily (around 100.000 daily journeys) would move in another way, I imagine. they don't all take a velib just to walk around. so this is where you have to dig.
some figures gleaned here and there:
there are about 20.000 velib which total about 16000 km each or 320 million km.
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