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26/03/03, 11:56
Forum : Water injection in engines: montages and experiments
Subject : Question to C.Martz
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Voila, I would like to ask a quick question to C. Martz alias econologie if I understood correctly. (Can I speak to you?) I would like to know if you are professionally involved in the development of GEET technology in France. If so, will we one day be able to benefit from this technol ...
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25/03/03, 13:57
Forum : Water management, plumbing and sanitation. Pumping, drilling, filtration, wells, recovery ...
Subject : Recovery / filtration of rainwater
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Hello everyone Very nice site, too bad there are so few (for now). Like all of you, I am interested in ecological economics in all its aspects. By providing us with the means to produce (and therefore consume) energy and natural resources at a local level, science can ...

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