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24/07/19, 18:10
Forum : New transport: innovations, engines, pollution, technologies, policies, organization ...
Subject : No to the electric car, Biogas is the future!
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No to the electric car, Biogas is the future!

The electric car is heresy. Indeed lithium causes "troubles" (in the field, in Afghanistan, Chile, Bolivia), trade wars, pollution of rivers, groundwater, waste of water, fossil fuels and Co2 for extraction, cancers that explode ...
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24/07/19, 18:01
Forum : Water injection in engines: montages and experiments
Subject : School Doping System
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School Doping System

Hello everyone. I installed the water doping system (ecol'eau) 1 month ago and it works. I have traveled more than 3000 km with it and I gained an average of 0.9L / 100 with a Dacia Break DCI of 86hp. In addition, the car is quieter, responds immediately to the accelerator and more ...

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