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13/10/15, 08:28
Forum : Innovations, inventions, patents and ideas for sustainable development
Subject : A bike and wood kit includes: sandwichbike
answers: 8
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1200 euros is really reasonable, I'll see it and buy, haha, excited right now!
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13/10/15, 08:25
Forum : Waste, recycling and reuse of old objects
Subject : Recycle tires: tire recycling
answers: 29
views: 52767

I too believe old tire is not effective, but I don't know how to deal with tire
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13/10/15, 08:18
Forum : Garden: landscaping, plants, garden, ponds and pools
Subject : Pool pump, which often freezes during startup
answers: 19
views: 34014

Chinese pool pumps are worthless ...
I totally agree according to my experiences !!!

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