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by delnoram
31/08/16, 18:06
Forum : Science and Technology
Subject : Brain Cotard syndrome. Graham, a real living dead?
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Re: Brain: Cotard syndrome. Graham, a real living dead?

Okay, but then, is he the inventor of the slow brain or not?
by delnoram
14/06/16, 19:48
Forum : Health and prevention. Pollution, causes and effects of environmental hazards
Subject : Nigari to fight against magnesium deficiency
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Re: Nigari to fight against magnesium deficiency

Nigari is magnesium chloride, good bioavailability, but chlorine is an acidifier already present enough table salt, if you want a magnesium supplement prefer it magnesium citrate which in addition does not have bad taste .
by delnoram
19/11/15, 17:18
Forum : Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...
Subject : Application for help: 1 Wind Era
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There it's done
by delnoram
15/11/15, 16:41
Forum : Company and Philosophy
Subject : Paris attacks of November 13 ... where are we going?
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Christophe wrote:In January there was at least one Muslim among the victims ... the poor policeman shot at point blank range on the sidewalk.

+ Mustapha Ourrad, Corrector of "Charlie Hebdo"
by delnoram
09/11/15, 19:56
Forum : The bistro: site life, leisure and relaxation, humor and conviviality and Classifieds
Subject : Forum read-only tonight
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Post, no problem, but indeed I can not find the preview

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