Heat storage in sand

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Re: Heat storage in sand

View GuyGadeboisTheBack » 23/12/23, 18:54

Ahmed wrote:.... I don't know anyone capable of manufacturing* photovoltaic cells in their garage...

Ask Peterr, he does better with just his feet and hands. : Mrgreen:
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Re: Heat storage in sand

View ojal » 23/12/23, 19:02

Ahmed wrote:I don't doubt the ability of PV to produce electricity, but I don't know anyone capable of manufacturing* photovoltaic cells in their garage, which is negligible when it comes to low-tech...

* Do not confuse it with the assembly of cells to form panels.

OK OK it may not be low-tech, but it doesn't matter :) It's easy to use, reliable and democratized :)
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Re: Heat storage in sand

View sicetaitsimple » 27/12/23, 17:21

ojal wrote:eur deferred thanks to solar, how many kW/h are needed unused and how many power
I'm going to try to do these calculations today or tomorrow, I'll see if I can come up with anything...
The idea would be to calculate what it is possible to do in domestic applications and with a volume of sand ranging from 1 to 5 m3 for example.
This does not seem utopian to me at first sight. :)[/ Quote]
well? What does that give?
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Re: Heat storage in sand

View Remundo » 28/12/23, 10:27

ojal wrote:Moreover, it would be interesting if members of the forum Having a little perspective and experience can list the advantages and disadvantages of this method of heat/energy storage.

The main concern is not to heat sand (or anything else...) but to insulate it thermally and radiatively.

The efficiency of thermal storage can only be acceptable if you have excellent insulation.

Excellent insulation means structures that have a volume comparable to the storage material, multi-layered with low thermal conductivity + nesting doll mirror.

If you don't take care of this aspect, you will heat your sand, then it will cool to room temperature within a few days. You won't have gained anything, and even rather lost, if you put electricity into the affair.
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