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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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The first business of solar water heaters has finally emerged in Senegal.

On the initiative of the French, relying on his experience 25 years in the field of energy, and after 3 years of preparation and study, the company Prosoleil was created.

It produces water heaters locally, from a careful selection of materials, both in Senegal and France.
This allows to offer reliable and high quality products while maintaining a cost adapted to the local purchasing power, with extremely rapid profitability.

Because with a high cost of electricity and sunshine among the strongest in the world, the sun in Senegal indeed offers an unbeatable profitability ...

The challenges are numerous and are as well:


To save on its electricity bill, who can refuse?
Especially as Prosoleil undertakes to promote employment and economic development of Senegal by producing locally.


The stated objective of Prosoleil, is to live every day in harmony with the sun, and thus protect the environment.
Limiting greenhouse gases, and better use of electricity in Senegal: a solution beginning to frequent power cuts that occur in the country.


These water heaters are produced in St. Louis by Senegalese.
For Senegal, Senegal and the Senegalese ...
But more than a simple and banal business Prosoleil agrees to make available reliable and suitable products that truly meet local needs.

Prosoleil, a company resolutely turned towards sustainable development ...

For information, specifications, or to support us, please contact the company Prosoleil by mail:
or by phone at (00 221) 951 86 56.

With Prosoleil, use the sun wisely !!!
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