Solar PV: indexation of the feed-in tariff on INSEE !?

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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Solar PV: indexation of the feed-in tariff on INSEE !?

by Catalan » 02/06/09, 19:10

Every year the purchase price is indexed to the INSEE labor cost indices. The discount rate can vary from 1,5 to 4% per year. Updated purchase prices for 2009, ie 0.60 per Kwc

I did not know this clause

do you have an opinion please?

thank you all
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Korben Dallas
I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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by Korben Dallas » 02/06/09, 22:41

I understand that the purchase price of the kWh of photovoltaic origin will reduce significantly from 2010 (valid for new 20-year contracts signed after January 1, 2010).
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