Isolated site powered by solar panels

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Isolated site powered by solar panels

by Kastete » 14/12/20, 19:40

Hello, I come here to try to see more clearly the market being flooded by more crazy offers than the others

I am located in the Var my roof is south and slightly west facing the shed was powered by solar plus generator HS panel and missing battery.

So I decided to start from 0 but I still have all the wiring and the electrical box let's see the bright side of things : Cheesy:

Today's energy needs are (I would like to never need the group, so I currently live without electricity)

4 Led bulbs rarely more than 2 lit at the same time
2 smartphone charger
1 chest freezer Energy efficiency: A ++
Annual energy consumption (in kWh): 250

Would you have an idea of ​​the power in PV and battery to withstand even the winter and also an estimate of the budget (I am here for the essentials I can include other needs if my budget allows me a small fridge for it? summer for example)

Thank you in advance, hoping to have given you the necessary information.
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