Quick questionnaire on photovoltaics

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Quick questionnaire on photovoltaics

by manintec » 07/11/14, 12:06


We are a group of students in engineering school carrying out a project on photovoltaics.

We need to know the trend of habits of individuals on this subject.

Here is the link to a quick questionnaire:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1H2mnDs ... rm?c=0&w=1

thank you in advance for your help :)
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by Christophe » 07/11/14, 12:16

What school, what training?
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I discovered econologic
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by lapouleda » 15/12/14, 16:43

Hello young people,
I have answered your questionnaire, I hope you have received a lot of feedback. Good luck for your project anyway!
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I Citro
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by I Citro » 16/12/14, 23:30

Christophe wrote:What school, what training?
The nickname gives this: Management - Innovation - Technology = Manintec, it's in Grenoble.

I answered the questionnaire ...
This presents itself as a market study, it just lacked the business plan that we guess implicitly.

Overall, you are proposing a proactive consumption management system with management of housing consumers according to the photovoltaic production used for self-consumption. The innovation consists of using forecast meteorological data and cross-checking them with needs to optimize self-consumption.

All this already exists, the Company DOMO HELIOS offers it to its customers.

The economic model suggested in the "survey" is that of offering this service through a subscription. : Frown:

In practice, weather data is, as far as I know, available for free or open source. Real-time management uses "generic" data from open data which gives trends over a few hours to half a day and which compiles them with real-time data and forecasts within a few minutes from on-site sensors.

These sensors on site are in fact only a camera which films the sky associated with a computer program which determines when the clouds will arrive and leave ...

The opinion of customers on the merits of the product offered will depend on the sales pitch of the seller. I therefore reserve my judgment ...
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