Photovoltaic installation price EDF ENR justified?

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by charline » 21/03/13, 19:50

Protectism yes but consuming near home is perhaps the simplest answer to lower GHG ....
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by Did67 » 22/03/13, 09:37


Do not "oppose" solutions: add them up!

It is easy to arrive at the moment when globalization is making ... consuming local becomes difficult: trying to buy European tools, a European computer, a European mobile phone, an Ipod, an iPhone ...

So, at some point, we need to protect a market to make it possible to buy locally.

Is it known in France that a large third of frozen vegetables (including famous arches!) Come from .... China!

So add all this: portectionism, promote local buyb ...

[note: know that this can cost more and therefore require an "apparent" decrease in yacht power; You will have to learn to keep a "French iPhone" which will have cost twice as much, twice as long so as not to lose purchasing power ..)
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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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by Regismu » 30/03/13, 10:32

Hello everyone

It will be necessary to update your knowledge

the price of a very good complete installation of quality of 3 kWC is negotiated less than 11000 € if no particular difficulties

and in reinforced integration it is the modules which must make the waterproofness and the screen under roof poses in the norms of coverage the security and the ventilation under modules.

for connection rates see ERDf according to type 1,2 or 3 ..
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