Price of a photovoltaic installation

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Price of a photovoltaic installation

by lpmontjoux » 16/02/09, 14:11


I am a student at lycée montjoux in besançon in the doubs (25).
In the context of a presentation on renewable energies, I would have liked to know the cost of a photovoltaic installation for the individual and to know the possible aids.

thank you in advance for your answers
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by elephant » 16/02/09, 14:56

Prices installed in Belgium, assembly reported: between 5,5 and 6,5 € per watt peak installed (sometimes a little more, up to 7,5 € / Wp for difficult installations: small roof 6 th floor or natural slate)
6% VAT not included, crazy sellers eliminated.

In France, it is more expensive, because we practice more integrated assembly and the "building" trades are more expensive there: count 1 to 2 € / Wc installed, but there are special bonuses for building integration

I'm talking about an "all-inclusive" price for labor, reception by an approved body, travel expenses, inverter, safety box, green competur, cables and special plugs, everything!

search on google: pure photovoltaic forum (I forgot the exact name) and eventually will see on et the first site will refer you to official French sites and French aid.

Note: I am no longer with Drytec. (if a competitor is interested: I am free :D )
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