Hybrid inverter and water heater

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Hybrid inverter and water heater

by jeromedu44 » 04/11/20, 10:48


Adept at reading forums on renewable energies, I am opening my first subject here because I cannot find an answer to my question.

small presentation, family of 5 we live near Angers, I have renovated 3 houses during the last 10 years, I have almost ready all the trades (electricity, plumbing, tiling ...) except this which impacts the structural work and roofing.
I am a fan of "doing it myself" and minimizing my energy consumption.

PV side, I installed 2.5 years ago now 5 solar panels of 255W.
1 with an enphase micro-inverter -> cover my bottom consumption.
4 connect directly to the resistance of a 200L hot water tank (assigned only to AC) which supplies a second 250L conventional supplied with HC (family of 5).

Before making this system, I inquired at length about the site that spoke about this subject (especially English), then I started.
(technically, the 4 panels are connected to the resistance and I kept the thermostat in classic 220v, but separated from the direct current, to cut when the T ° C> 80 ° via an oversized direct current relay)
I couldn't put a thermal panel because the water heater is 20m away from the SOUTH ...

It works great, I have hot water from April to September for free.

My question is the following, and that is why I am introducing my installation;

On a hybrid inverter, how would a thermal resistance behave on the battery charge output?
Is this output adjustable in Intensity or voltage?

Thanks in advance for your answers, I know my installation is not conventional, but it works and seems secure to me.

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