We will have seen it all !

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We will have seen it all !

by caracole » 01/01/12, 18:38

It seems that a high-ranking guy at the DGA, the General Delegation for Armaments, recently broke into a design office.

- Say, solar, could there be military applications?

- If completed !

- Ah, you reassure me. Say.

- Well, it's under study. Imagine that with powerful mirrors you could ignite the sails of enemy ships from a distance.

- But, our navy no longer works under sail!?!

- You're delaying, general. The Royale and the DCNS are studying stealthy wooden cruisers that are strictly undetectable. From a distance they have a radar-equivalent surface that does not exceed the size of a soccer ball.

- Good thing, but the weapons?

- Thanks to stealth, we can approach the enemy on contact and we shoot them at close range, with the crossbow.

- What about the cannons?

- No, with the balls and the carriages, we would lose in stealth.

- Okay, keep me posted .....
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