New solar panels at 30% yield

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New solar panels at 30% yield

by jean.caissepas » 20/02/19, 10:07

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Re: New Performance 30% Solar Panels

by ENERC » 21/02/19, 19:58

Interesting innovation if manufacturers follow ...

The real question is solar concentration or not.
Already for a large part of metropolitan France, we forget because more than 50% of annual radiation comes in diffuse form and is not collected by lenses.
it only works when the sky is totally blue. So for arid areas and deserts. Except that down, the standard panels already produce 2 even 3 cents per kWh (compared to the 5ct nuclear and 16 ct the meter of the particular).

In solar, the performance does not matter. What matters is the price of the installed kWh. The sun is free - it's just a question of panel surface. In France alone, if we cover all artificialized surfaces we would produce more than what we consume (except management of intermittency of course ... report uses, storage, ...)
The real "news" that I am waiting for in solar energy is the optimization of the local loop (= smart grids), the postponements of use (mobility, thermal inertia of buildings, storage of heat and cold,. .). The real innovations are now in use and storage, more in production.
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