The Solar Cell Phone

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The Solar Cell Phone

by Catalan » 28/05/09, 19:43

Your opinion interests me

I have an article on my blog on the subject with the interview of the inventor of the French solar portable :)

what do you think of this technology please?

The Forbes site reports that solar energy is not a new thing since its main principles were first described in 1839 by Edmund Becquerel, a young French physicist aged 19 at the time.

The preservation of the environment is an argument that finally seems to be taken into account by the mobile phone industry.

Samsung has just presented the Blue Earth which goes even further by

recharging with solar energy.

With a plastic case designed from recycled water bottles,

also halogen, beryllium or phthalate free, this touchscreen mobile is

the first of its kind to be unveiled by a mobile giant.

With a screen and an associated touch interface, the Blue Earth is fitted with photovoltaic cells on the back, allowing it to be recharged throughout the day using solar energy. An hour to an hour and a half in a good light environment would ensure approximately half an hour of communication according to its designers.

Apple is currently working on an iphone model integrating a solar panel on the front of its battery

Motorola has just invented a solar cell phone.

The principle is to incorporate a film of solar collectors on the screen of the

telephone and manage to produce the energy needed to

phone working without ever plugging it into the power


the idea of ​​the solar panel on a GSM is the work of a French COCORICCO Mr Charlier Jean-Philippe filed in 2004 a patent for inventions concerning the application of a solar panel on a GSM phone in a fixed or removable way and this same system was applied to that of a laptop.

Mr Charlier explains to us that these invention patents were filed in 2004 and valid in France for 20 years, as well as in Europe and internationally.

Mr Charlier is looking for investment funds for the launch of the activity of creating this future company which will be called MS2.

Mr Charlier, as well as his partner Mr ARSLANIAN are in the process of setting up a new solar phone under android, which is being developed by their R&D, as well as their specialists in the field of solar energy, and other applications.

MS2 hope to find the necessary funds to set up their project, fairly quickly, for the rapid commercialization of their advanced technologies, thanks to these investment funds.

MS2 is currently working towards new applications in technology and that of environmental protection.
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