Request for information for photovoltaic research

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I discovered econologic
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Request for information for photovoltaic research

by blindman » 11/04/19, 09:15

Hello I am a student in the field of photovoltaic panel research.
My study looks at solar panels. It consists of a simulation using the Ansys software of the solar gains of a photovoltaic panel and energy losses, which link to a rise in the panel's temperature itself and a convection reduces the panel's performance but which could become the initiative of solar and thermal coupling.
For this I need as a basis for this project a solar panel of any type but with a very detailed description.

I chose the Polycrystalline Jiawei Solar Panel 245W. But I need information.
I would like to know the exact composition of a polycrystalline photovoltaic cell and the thickness of each constituent in this model.

If you are aware of this data or if you have a document that can help me, please send it to me.

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Re: Request for information for photovoltaic research

by ENERC » 11/04/19, 18:05

As a first approximation, a photovoltaic cell makes 300 microns thick and is composed of 100% pure silicon. The weight of money for contacts is negligible.
The cells are interconnected by 2 or 3 copper / aluminum / tin wires. A thread on the top and one under the cell (the top passes below each interval.
There is one or two layers of transparent polymer of the order of 50 micron for sealing.
Resin is poured on the back side (its heat capacity must be low).
There is a rear panel electronic box with a power diode. And two cables of 4 or 6mm2 in aluminum / copper braid.
The bulk of the panel is the surface glass or the glass on both sides for the "twin glass" modules.

The coupling with the thermal is delicate: one avoids the liquids because of the direct tension which generally rises in the 600 volts. We do "aerophotovoltaic" coupling. There is a dedicated section on

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