Solar freezer 12v or 220v on solar installation.

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Solar freezer 12v or 220v on solar installation.

by foycam » 10/09/21, 18:44

I am in Madagascar on an isolated site and I want to equip myself with a freezer.
first question: what is the least energy consuming to use a 12v or a 220v with a transformer (pure sine wave?)?
in both cases, what should the sizing of the installation be?
I can't find the freezer consumption info but if I go on 186kwh / year (info found on a photo but I don't know if freezer 12v or 220v) I think it's a 12v.
according to a simplified calculation we are at 560wh per day so 560/12 = 50ah per day; if I go on a 150 ah 12v gel battery that can be enough to run it (with losses and discharge I can hope to use 75ah?)
sunshine side we are not bad so we would need a panel that covers the recharging of the battery and the operation of the freezer during the day, suddenly a 300 w panel could be sufficient?
well I know my calculations are very imprecise but if someone can give me a feedback on the installation experience it would be nice and especially tell me if I am wrong or not on my sizing.
thank you in advance
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