Industrial and political corruption heavily condemned in Korea ... and rewarded here?

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Re: Industrial and political corruption heavily condemned in Korea ... and rewarded at home?

View GuyGadeboisTheBack » 25/01/21, 14:12

econo-misons wrote:Hello,
I saw the message concerning the doctors and professors for the health crisis, I am outraged! this kind of wrongdoing is exposed but these people get away with it unscathed, without any worries? it's really shameful, like what the pharmaceutical industry still has a bright future ahead of it with all the ceaseless manipulations. It seems that the husband of the Minister of Health is also director of a pharmaceutical group? I don't know the name anymore, and I can't find the link.

No, he is not (as far as I know) the director of a pharmaceutical group. On the other hand, he was officially fired from the Institut Pasteur for multiple functions, but:
Renewed "manu militari"

Exempted from his paid activity at the prestigious Institute, Jérôme Salomon must make up his mind and opt for his dismissal, indicates Le Parisien which specifies that after having handed over badge, office keys, checkbook and bank cards, he is "renewed manu militari by an agent of the security of the private foundation ”. Finally, Mr Salomon was dismissed with severance payments negotiated during the industrial tribunal conciliation hearing.

The following: ... teur-pose/
Add to that his catastrophic handling of the pandemic, his war for power against Raoult and you have the very prototype of a person who should be unemployed (if not in jail) instead of occupying high office.
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