Environmentalism is politics

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Re: Environmentalism is politics

by Ahmed » 03/11/21, 19:37

The criteria of the lady indeed seem rather light and a tad in weightlessness, but conversely, a purely technocratic approach leads in a conceptual impasse, since only the "technical" presuppositions, but in reality very oriented by an unexpressed political vision (because it is taken for granted), are examined ...
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Re: Environmentalism is politics

by Obamot » 04/11/21, 07:39

Observation: in this orthotechnical world everything has (become?) Political since finance has confiscated democracy, therefore energy.

Proof of this is that in the current “global blitzkrieg”, any state wishing to escape it would immediately be exposed to the risk of war or war (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, etc.)

Proof of this is that “security of energy supply”Is eminently a“ military-economic-strategic ”question - since in many countries (if not all?), The energy sector is directly linked to the military sector - and therefore primarily political. It is as if all human activity had been snatched up by the demons of abstract values ​​and all debate was confiscated in favor of this single thought: to reduce everything to total enslavement via simplification:
"currency = energy”, And by further reducing the paradigm:
“Energy = debt”.

Those who have not understood that this sort of equation is not just a simple philosophical formulation are mistaken.

Finally there is the other way, that of overturning the system to replace it by another: but which one? And some may think of taking up arms because you have to be very many. Otherwise there is self-defense, resistance ...
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