It does not happen in Tunisia or in Egypt, the 3 Sarkozy

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He chose Carla because Carlyle bathed his youth ...
(Hence the expression "Falling from Carlyle to Carla." : Cheesy:
It's curious, with a period spent in the states, that he is so bad in English ...

His re-election is very possible, if there is a multitude of opposing candidates, declared.
Two past experiences, weren't they enough for you?
He has serious assets, the money stored by Mr. VRP, and combines.
His siblings, sponsors, Medef affiliates, grateful for all the “reforms” he has imposed, the barons of the New World Order…
It has ruined the morale of the French, their purchasing power (dizzying increase in basic prices, and declining wages), job insecurity.
Putting down the security, pensions, public services, indebtedness of all entities.
Lubes which always require more debt to the state budget….
That those who still wonder for whom to vote? think again that Jospin was not a jolly fellow but a good prime minister of a government without pots and pans.
That S. Royal, would have done his best for France, for ecology and not the destruction of what made the cultural heritage of the French.
Diversify yourselves on the various candidates, and he is back even more dashing than ever to make you die until the hallali. It's crazy !
Do you realize that any candidate in 2007 would have had a more positive action than this parasite devastating the nation?

And if he is not re-elected, he doesn't give a shit since his mission was a success.
Already with comfortable salaries, not really taxable, percentages in the large markets. The investment of the country's wealth in the direction of an open nomenklatura and also of the shadows, opens up prospects for the future (of recognition) which border on bewilderment.

We only have to see what he will concoct again this year as a derogatory novelty, when he had said that he would put the "reforms" on hold and refine his old ones who sin in mediocrity by virtue of the rush to vote them.

Take ! the age to be a senator has just been lowered to 24 years.
Surely an upcoming entry for the son?
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View bernardd » 04/03/11, 22:05

gegyx wrote:Do you realize that any candidate in 2007 would have had a more positive action than this parasite devastating the nation?

And so the only European nation that refused the invasion of Iraq will find itself in NATO and economic problems.

So let's find out who benefits from the crime.
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