#USTE: All immortal? (Transhumanism and philosophy)

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Re: #USTE: All immortals? (transhumanism and philosophy)

by Remundo » 14/12/22, 10:30


the artificial womb will not exist soon.

I even wonder if it's possible, because the chemical and biological interactions between the mother and her fetus are extremely complex. It's much more complicated than making a bubble at 37°C with calibrated blood...

after philosophically, vast question. it could be useful for infertile women, yes... but we can feel the drifts emerging...
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Re: #USTE: All immortals? (transhumanism and philosophy)

by Christophe » 14/12/22, 10:45

Bah to make a generation of neuneus addicted to technos with 85 IQ I think that will be very sufficient... ditto if we want to make medical clones just for their "meat" without emotions...

See or re-watch the film THE ISLAND...
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