Universcience, a science-oriented webTV!

General scientific debates. Presentations of new technologies (not directly related to renewable energies or biofuels or other themes developed in other sub-sectors) forums).
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Universcience, a science-oriented webTV!

by Christophe » 30/03/12, 14:42

Found in the subject on algae: https://www.econologie.com/forums/microalgue ... 10514.html

http://www.universcience.tv/ is a small webTV with short reports (a few minutes) very accessible and well done! A bit like it's not rocket science but faster ...

Their RSS feed: http://www.universcience.tv/rss.xml

Example of an entirely economic report: http://www.universcience.tv/media/4527/ ... rbone.html

Revel, post-carbon village
duration: 11 min

At a time when energy resources are becoming scarce, imagine our lifestyles, travel, work, food and leisure in 2050 in a village in the Alps!
The CAUE d'Isère website for more information.
On the occasion of Sustainable Development Week.

Realization: Bernard David-Cavaz

Production: CAUE-Isère
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I posted 500 messages!
I posted 500 messages!
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by clasou » 30/03/12, 15:42

Ouh since I put the links you only notice it. : Shock:
Hello christophe, if you look in those of this week.
There is this small series which is in 3d on the human body, you can contact the site to have the glasses, good I just just asked them.
http://www.universcience.tv/media/4529/ ... -tete.html

And the basis of these documentaries and others are on
And there you find all the series of nanotilus plus all a bunch of others, there is on universcience the .fr also.
a + claude
ps we can't all know, I think :)
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