Neuralink: Brain Machine Interface VS Handicaps, (again) a (crazy) project by Elon Musk!

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Re: Neuralink: Brain Machine VS Handicaps Interface, (again) a (crazy) project by Elon Musk!

by ABC2019 » 03/02/21, 12:01

Christophe wrote:
ABC2019 wrote:
Christophe wrote:Yes !!

Neuralink: Elon Musk's start-up allegedly implanted a monkey to play video games by thinking

instead of his spinal cord like any normal player? : Shock:

Not understood...

that's a joke on Einstein's quote ... n-5868.php

often video games call upon conditioned reflexes which pass more through the spinal cord than through a constructed thought :)
But more seriously, everyone is playing with their thinking. After the thought will control the finger which controls the joystick or the mouse. What we have been able to do for some time is reading the neural activation responsible for the click and transmitting it to a machine without going through the finger (here we just have to transmit to the computer to make it do this. that he would have done with the click), Elon Musk did not invent anything, we have known how to do that for some time.
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