Roboticists in the age of ecological challenges

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Re: Roboticists in a time of ecological challenges

by izentrop » 19/12/22, 14:11

nonoLeRobot wrote:I explain that improving efficiency does not necessarily have positive effects. I give examples of past solutions where we see that technology had nothing to do with it, I invite people to show the problems related to digital, to 5G.
Thank you for this summary, but the soundtrack of the video is bad and painful.

Couldn't you put the text as a comment on youtube, or redo it with a good sound recording? : Wink:
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Re: Roboticists in a time of ecological challenges

by Obamot » 19/12/22, 14:21

Already the most glaring example, and which we tend to forget a little, is that the Internet has made it possible (and still makes it possible) to avoid an incalculable amount of physical travel by people, hence saving fantastic fuel.

I don't know if we can put that to the benefit of something "tick", but we had ABC2019 crying over the electrical consumption of server farms (which probably consume less than vehicles having moved in parkings) :P

In the field of home automation, there are heating savings made by avoiding heating all the time, since you can turn on the heating a short time before returning home, and leave it the rest of the time at a minimum ... It is well known, but just to say that the domains in "tick" overlap, in different cases of their uses, so there is a combination of several effects (ordering by internet, travel avoided, and economy of central heating... To which we can add that transport can be tolerated "a little longer", by occupying minds in public transport thanks to mobile telephony/TV, which here also avoids the use of individual vehicles. Transport that can be carried out by automatic shuttles, optimizing consumption... Etc... Etc...

So yes I think, there are favorable impacts on the environment, not necessarily on the use of robotics / home automation directly as a tool, but with what we do with it / s in a way reasoned, even combined.
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Re: Roboticists in a time of ecological challenges

by Remundo » 19/12/22, 14:26

technology is always what you make of it.

actually sending an e-mail is probably less energy-intensive than sending a letter.

on the other hand download netflix all day.

Automation and other AI can be designed to reduce energy consumption or optimize certain processes.
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