Placebo and Nocebo effects explained by Dr. Lemoine

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by Janic » 06/09/12, 18:31

Janic wrote:
Where it's more interesting is when the person is opposed to a technique (like homeopathy) and it still works.

Janic, you're sometimes priceless. Conversely, there are also cases where we give an active molecule and it doesn't work! While the patient was convinced that he was going to be cured ...!
Homeopathy does not work like that. Many believe that homeopathy means knowing a few remedies happening everywhere that an allopath will prescribe to broaden his therapeutic field (if it does not do good, it does not hurt !!!) hence the classification of remedies homeopathic as a placebo by its opponents.
No, homeopathy is the search for true similinum and not something close to it that will have no effect or reduced effects.
Homeopahia (like any therapy) does not claim to cure everything and will often be effective where allopathy has been in check.

Janic wrote:
When I cite this case of a co-worker suffering from end-stage cancer and I say that he will get out of it, there is no placebo effect since neither doctor nor colleagues believe it. When he does, and I announce that he is going to die, no one believes me either and he dies as I had announced. No placebo or nocebo effect in sight.

And yes! and not this one time! I do not ask to be believed, it is just a testimony, everyone does what he wants ... or nothing!
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by sen-no-sen » 06/09/12, 18:43

Obamot wrote:Ok Sen_No_Sen

Do you mean anesthesia? Are you confusing it with hypnosis? You speak of acupressure or real "surgical acts" (because there, I would be a little less "for" ... question of benefit / risk it is far from being obvious, nor to be won in advance, for a possibly heavy intervention!)

Not directly related to hypnosis.
A study was carried out between 1995 and 1998 on forty patients suffering from Parkinson's disease aiming to measure the efficiency of fetal cell transplants.
Half of the patients actually underwent a transplant, and the others under placebo surgery *.
The results showed that patients who believed they had received a transplant benefited from a clearer improvement than the other group actually transplanted.

Another 2002 study, on patients with knee osteoarthritis this time, showed that subjects operated on by placebo surgery showed signs of recovery equally with transplant recipients.

* A placebo surgery is in fact a very advanced staging of the surgical act, it reproduces the real operating mode.
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Re: Placebo and Nocebo effects explained by Dr Lemoine

by Christophe » 04/03/21, 22:23

The placebo works and we know how and why (it's stupid eh !!):

The placebo effect, the positive result purely psychological induced by taking a treatment, is mentioned and considered in many scientific studies, although the exact brain mechanism remains largely unknown for the moment. Recently, a team of researchers wanted to know more and for this, they based themselves on the study of pain treatments, which according to them are strongly affected by the placebo effect.

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