Scientific reliability and levels of scientific evidence

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Re: Scientific reliability and levels of scientific evidence

by Janic » 12/02/21, 08:36

Medicine is indeed a science and therefore knowledge, but here I have no experience to say whether the publications are mostly false.
Very approximate "science" otherwise there would not be so many deaths from disease. In addition OUR western medicine is "scientific", ie coming out of petrochemical laboratories, only recently, compared to the non-science of previous millennia and which did not work. no worse. [*] Now medicine called to become that of the future, when big pharma no longer has control over the disease and can no longer obstruct it, it is homeopathy respecting the maxim of Hippocrates: "'First do no harm". after that of Hippocrates always:"may your food be your medicine "

[*] proof of this is the current great mess with a simple influenza virus, but which makes billions waltz!
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"We make science with facts, like making a house with stones: but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a pile of stones is a house" Henri Poincaré

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Re: Scientific reliability and levels of scientific evidence

by Christophe » 12/02/21, 19:41

BaudouinLabrique wrote:Another dismaying observation which already confirmed it:

Prof. Robert Rosenthal has shown that experimenters in psychology, education, medicine and material sciences can unconsciously affect the results of any study, in the sense of what they expected, by contamination of hypotheses issued.
(Jo Godefroid, Psychology, human and cognitive science, Ed. De Boeck University, Brussels, 2008, p. 105).

For those who still doubt human subjectivity on the conclusions of scientific studies, here is the fastest study in the world that proves it. It is titled "The mouse and the breasts" and does not need randomized cohorts, double blinds or anything complicated for its conclusions to be reliable!

: Mrgreen: : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:

mouse.jpg (40.46 KIO) Accessed 1151 times

Huh Macro that I'm right? : Mrgreen:
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Re: Scientific reliability and levels of scientific evidence

by Macro » 12/02/21, 20:00

Which donuts : Mrgreen:
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The only thing safe in the future. It is that there may chance that it conforms to our expectations ...

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