Zoonoses: after Covid-19, leptospirosis!

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
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Re: Zoonoses: after Covid-19, leptospirosis!

by Obamot » 03/02/22, 21:13

My answers (of the most moderate) always in blue. I would point out that personally, I am not criticizing Guy, I am only correcting outrageous remarks, which have no place here. And I'm amazed at their outfit.
GuyGadeboisLeRetour wrote:I wouldn't give a damn about the cognitive “slippage”. it's exactly the opposite, you're catching up with the branches now that you've realized that your behavior was excessive and that you unmasked yourself (when in fact it was very little at the base, but something that gnaws at you inside, that's why I left you alone: ​​I've already told you, solve your personal problems, don't come to "take advantage" of it forum, thank you) besides you are UNSTABLE you oscillate between an isolated case to which - and as it was to be expected - you brought absolutely NO answer... to treat your interlocutors on the same side with the worst insults. .. (you will note that despite this, I did not insult you) Your cognitive shift is even flagrant, many have noticed it YOU WANT TO MAKE IT BELIEVE, BUT IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT ME, you want examples “Mr. Perfect" :?:

Coming from a guy who went from reason to beliefs (I saw it coming from your comments on "Hold Up" and I ignored it, asshole that I am). In short, a paranoid mythomaniac BLIND follower of conspiracy theories has just come to light. I had doubts, I no longer have any. You keep whining when someone disagrees with you, you keep being stubborn, fascinated by American manipulators when they feed your smoky theories without any validated evidence, you get several times take the flag of copied / pasted "to make you foam",

it's the exact opposite again “Mr. Perfect". First of all, I don't allow you to judge someone who had almost "barely" while you were content to insult people (and maybe they deserved it,) still there, when no one imagined the changeover towards the end of the covid crisis, I was the first and the only one to say it over several weeks, with the caution that I am known for but even describing certain processes. And that turns out to be correct. So it doesn't help your business to pass me off as an "ugly duckling" against the backdrop of an ego crisis...

OR you give specific examples with links to which it is possible to answer OR it is defamation... Throw the reproach on those who speak of graphene, I have always been reserved on the subject.

you put in the balance of your "illustrations" the cancers of the participants in this forum (which is filthy), not at all, I protested the fact that participants who declared illnesses allowed themselves to give “expert advice” in this covid crisis, when they never said anything exact and then that they extricate at the first awkward question

you consort with the most eccentric to counter those you hate. Well done. Said the guy who's hanging out with Izentrop, yes, it's a reference... and have the courage to give names. You should stop because 1) I have ZERO to blame myself for (or not much) and 2) the more you answer, the more you will reveal your grudges and turn yourself into a “not pretty"

Let's sum up: Intellectual crook, Defamation, you have nothing, otherwise you would have released it and what you released is peanuts : Cheesy:

licensed smoker (Your ways of drowning the fish to say nothing are absolutely brilliant!) Defamation, for the moment it is you who has the palm, no specific example with link!

without limit (Various "remote" weak medical diagnoses), judge and party, pro "disqualifier", manipulator, bitter and revengeful, betrayal of ideas, contempt for everything mainstream without discernment, partisan, false derche and now victim . Hats off to the artist. In the future, try to ignore me, or try to make "friend friend" again when for you, it means nothing. Thanks in advance. : Mrgreen: And you put a smiley after all that regurgitation, if at least there was any background. In any case, you have just demonstrated what this "cognitive shift" I am talking about looks like, there you are snowboarding ex nihilo, watch out, you have a vacuum underneath... And it's a good warning to those who want to fraternize with you, this is what they expose themselves to! Personally, it doesn't matter to me, but you should apologize, at least to the members targeted by all your allegations...
What a trickster too, not making a quote so that his post goes unnoticed, what a handle.

PS for “friend-friend” you say, well people will appreciate everything you display in public!
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Re: Zoonoses: after Covid-19, leptospirosis!

by izentrop » 03/02/22, 22:27

One of the theories on the appearance of omicron and its three variants:
Omicron may not have emerged in a person at all. SARS-CoV-2 is a promiscuous virus: it has spread to a wild leopard, hyenas and hippos in zoos, and pet ferrets and hamsters. It wreaked havoc on mink farms across Europe and infiltrated white-tailed deer populations across North America. And Omicron might be able to get into a wider selection of animals. Cell studies have shown that, unlike earlier variants, Omicron's spike protein can bind to the ACE2 protein of turkeys, chickens, and mice.3,7.

One study found that the combination of N501Y-Q498R mutations allows the variants to bind tightly to rat ACE2 (ref. 6). And Robert Garry, a virologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, notes that several other mutations in Omicron have been observed in SARS-CoV-2 viruses adapting to rodents in laboratory experiments.

'Killer' immune cells still recognize Omicron variant

The types of single-nucleotide substitutions seen in the Omicron genome also appear to mirror those typically seen when coronaviruses evolve in mice, and don't match as well with the switches seen in coronaviruses adapting to humans, according to a study of 45 mutations. at Omicron8. The study noted that, in human hosts, G to U substitutions tend to occur in RNA viruses at a higher rate than C to A switches, but Omicron does not show this pattern.

So it's possible that SARS-CoV-2 acquired mutations that gave it access to rats - jumping from a sick person to a rat, possibly through contaminated sewage - and then spread and evolved. in Omicron in this animal population. An infected rat could later come into contact with a person, triggering the emergence of Omicron. Omicron's three sub-lines are distinct enough that, according to this theory, each would represent a separate leap from animal to human.

A large population of infected animals that last longer than in humans could give SARS-CoV-2 leeway to explore a wide diversity of mutations and "build a large ghost population of viruses that no one knows about", explains Martin, who says he finds this “reverse zoonosis” theory convincing. Changes that make the virus more able to spread in its animal host won't necessarily affect its ability to infect people, he says.

An animal reservoir could also explain why some of Omicron's mutations have been rarely seen before in humans, Andersen says.
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Re: Zoonoses: after Covid-19, leptospirosis!

by Janic » 04/02/22, 13:15

An animal reservoir could also explain why some of Omicron's mutations have been rarely seen before in humans, Andersen says.

in short, he expresses the same thing as Raoult!
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