Cost-effective diseases and pharmaceutical labs

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
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Cost-effective diseases and pharmaceutical labs

by Paul » 08/07/11, 17:51

Hi, the other day on France culture I heard a guy talking about the future of humanity, and I think a little bit like him.
this guy, he said basically:

How thanked the Pharmaceuticals and Co. labs which for almost 100 years, has enabled millions of people to survive.
Indeed, there is almost a century that our Mother Nature no longer has the upper hand, that is to say, that modern medicine allows to surpass natural selection. Despite all the advantages that we could find in it, there remains a drawback: modern chemical medicine weakens us.

Let me explain, little by little, humans "weak" immunity (which before modern chemical medicine succumbed to certain diseases) are now maintained in survival, and by reproducing, they maintain this genetic weakness. Indeed, any gene can be transmitted, but instead of maintaining, as before resistant genes, modern medicine, which allows these genes to be artificially replaced, increases the number of humans "weakened" genetically (exponential curve).
In addition, all these chemicals have "side effects" on our body, creating new allergies etc ... (': evil:')

Without forgetting that all this combines with the tons of chemicals spread on Planet Earth every day, in the air as well as in the water or in the fields and even on the hundreds of millions of people who use it scalds the face every day and which of course ends up in tap water (incredible the dose of potentially toxic product present in these products from the cosmetics department of our supermarkets !!!!)

And in fact, it is very clear that there are more and more people with diseases requiring this chemical medicine, more dangerous than it seems.

And of course, who is enjoying it?
Labs !!!!! (': evil:')

good recovery and see you soon! ( ': Mrgreen:')
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by dedeleco » 08/07/11, 18:43

Right now, same subject on C in the air of A5:
drugs: the large inventory, with lots of information, on medicalization, etc.
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