The nitrate war

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
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Re: The nitrate war

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For him, "the dose that makes the poison" remains valid
everything is poison, nothing is poison in itself!
Desensitization (or specific immunotherapy) consists in administering, over a long period (several years), extracts of allergens in progressive doses, so as to stimulate the immune system and make the person tolerant to the substance. ... 0substance

Except that this kind of "therapy" hardly works on real allergic people who can die from it, as with "vaccines"! Those with few allergies will fare hardly differently since believing in a system can be enough to put an end to it!
(that's what you say about H. or hypnosis)
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"We make science with facts, like making a house with stones: but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a pile of stones is a house" Henri Poincaré


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