Online and free health diagnosis by Obamot

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
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Online and free health diagnosis by Obamot

by sicetaitsimple » 25/03/21, 21:44

Obamot wrote:

So you're in poor health, otherwise you won't catch a virus. Point bar. Now you've warned.
One can very well “feel perfectly well” and have appreciable health problems.

Getting infected with a virus is a particularly significant sign of a problem of too great permeability of cell membranes and / or something wrong with the microbiota => food bolus. I can describe you quite easily. Usually people like you have fragile, dry skin (such as around the eyes, where it should normally be silky, see ridged nails, or dental problems). Possibly allergies ... A little, or a lot of anxiety, with the search for “gratification” in the food. So a little overweight ... In short, a whole procession of small ailments that accumulate and make you permeable to viruses (otherwise there's no mystery, you wouldn't be). And it gets worse with the passing years.
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Must go! Describe your big or small worries! I am thinking in particular but not only of Macro and his back pain.
Now you have been warned .....
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Re: Online and free health diagnosis by Obamot

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 26/03/21, 03:46

sicetaitsimple wrote:Image
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Re: Online and free health diagnosis by Obamot

by Remundo » 26/03/21, 07:03

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another thread without interest, except that of creating sterile controversies.
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