Motherboard baked, what pollution?

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by Polyphemus » 23/02/15, 15:41

Well actually I like my stove and it would bother me to change it, but I also like my wife.
To choose, I opt for the stove.
But I'm going to submit all these comments to him so that it's not just my story.
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by elephant » 23/02/15, 16:23

Of course, if your wife knows how to use the stove ..... :D
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by chatelot16 » 24/02/15, 00:57

180 ° C it seems too low to redo broken welds

to redo solder you have to reach the melting of the tin, but even if it redoes the broken solder it especially risks desoldering a lot of things that are in the wrong direction and will fall under their own weight

180 ° C is just good for drying improperly placed humidity or waking up electrochemical capacitors

180 ° C does not decompose anything therefore little risk of permanently polluting the oven

if you want to be sure, clean it up with a regular product

I share what was said in a previous message, I am also wary of the decap oven which decapes but is not guaranteed not polluting ... it's a blow to end up with the head of Alice Sapritch
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by Rabbit » 24/02/15, 01:48

In the future try to avoid doing this in the presence of your wife.

After 22 years of marriage, I can assure you that there are experiences
which it is better to do discreetly. After it works, don't
enter too much in the details of the development.
In general, she is not too interested in means, only the result
account. As much as it retains something that interests her that it is
little details without interest.
Sutout that you will enjoy it for a long time, I have good reason to
believe that they have more memory than us.

: Cheesy:
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by sherkanner » 24/02/15, 14:54

I would say there are no worries.

The PCB must be heated to more than 350 ° C before starting to melt or even less to emit residues.
For welds, the low heating point is 200 ° C localized.

Apart from allowing the moisture to escape, there is no sushi ...
It is clearly not like in China where they burn the PCB and put the nose on it to know if it is recyclable or not.

If there are molecules lost in the oven, they still have to find their way to food the next time the oven is in use.
At worst a good oven cleaning and roll my hen.

A filling / resins of teeth involves much more risk than that.
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by Flytox » 24/02/15, 22:20

Chui a little surprised by the method : Shock: . There are components that do not like heat (transistor capacitors etc ...). It seems a little barbaric to us, can we recover a weld to damage other components? in industry, wave type soldering does not expose components to heat for 8 minutes : Shock: .

For the stove oven, have fun putting a Thermo couple in it. Between the temperature indicated on the button, the reality of the measured temperature, especially depending on the chosen location of the thermocouple ...... it is + or - 50 ° C : Mrgreen:

In short, the manipulation is really the operation of the last chance, that or the trash ... To return from there to the pollution if one has clearly exceeded the melting temperature of "the tin" it could not be. deposit more ...... everywhere in the oven ... in such quantity that it is necessary to insulate the oven, the stove, the kitchen or even the apartment (the fundamentalists will go to the confinement of the neighborhood ...) : Mrgreen: AMHA, if the visual appearance of the card has not changed, the deposit looks like that of everyday pollution when you live near an artisanal, waste area, etc. Nothing that kills immediately : Mrgreen:
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by gegyx » 25/02/15, 14:01

I have been told that this 190 ° passage is made to transform a "dry micro weld", causing a breakdown.
In fact there had to be contact (tin) after manufacture and during use. Then with oxidation due to a corrosive product (resin or acid?), A fine tin bridge is transformed and no longer conducts.
This "moderate heat" does not melt the tin but transforms this "oxidation" into a flashback or other product (?), Which conducts the current again.
Which puts the electronic card back on for a few months or for good.

But on a card if there has been a micro defect over time, there should be others concomitantly.
So a short-term or effective long-term random repair.

This can be done with an air heat gun, passing it on both sides of the electronic card

Edit / ... 5216_1.htm
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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Baked motherboard

by JLB29P » 03/10/15, 14:51

at this temperature, there are very few components likely to give off harmful gases unless they are damaged, and if the card works after this treatment, it is because they were good.
Unless the card dates from before 2002 (and again, because the Japanese often applied the RoHS directives before the Europeans in IT) it must not contain lead; and at this temperature the lead does not melt.

In addition, it is the strippers that are the most harmful, and after welding, the cards are cleaned during their manufacture!

I would be much more afraid of eating nuggets heated in the microwave ...
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