Scandalous "Let's talk about pork" campaign

How to stay healthy and prevent risks and consequences on your health and public health. occupational disease, industrial risks (asbestos, air pollution, electromagnetic waves ...), company risk (workplace stress, overuse of drugs ...) and individual (tobacco, alcohol ...).
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Scandalous "Let's talk about pork" campaign

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 10/06/21, 12:43

This despicable and deceptive campaign is financed by our taxes and by Europe! When we know the reality of intensive Breton pig farming (to take just this striking example) and their impact on nature which piss off even oyster farmers, we can cry scandal!
The European Union is today a leader in animal welfare.
It has also established the safest food production system in the world, with the highest quality, food safety and traceability standards, for all food produced in the Union.

The model is based on 4 pillars:
Animal welfare
Animal health
Animal feed
· The environment.
Added to this is a rigorous traceability system allowing the entire process of a product to be followed; from the farm to his plate:
The implementation of good practices on the farms and throughout the chain
Prevention of animal diseases
Animal welfare
· The respect of environment
Worker safety
· Food safety

The lies continue on a dedicated Youtube channel: ... EcTLCmxDeQ

The icing on the cake, they even poached an influencer!
Admire the sentence:
In this episode, they share to (sic) Raphaële @enrangdoons their expertise in feeding animals.

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Re: Outrageous "Let's talk about pork" campaign

by Christophe » 10/06/21, 13:27

I only have one word to show my fear!

Gruiiiikkkke !!!
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