stone wall renovation

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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stone wall renovation

by angy09 » 10/11/14, 12:36

Hello everyone!

I come to you because I have a multitude of questions !!

I am currently in the process of renovating my house. I have stone walls at least 80 cm thick.

I consolidated and sanitized the walls of my living room with a first lime rendering and I wanted to finish with an earth rendering (I bought the book coated with raw earth with living earth which is great but which raises lots of questions)

here are my 2 questions:

1 - since I have a first layer of lime I wanted to know your opinion on the composition of my final earth rendering (insulating or not insulating and which insulator) because I want to have a "warm walls" wall because apparently an earth rendering with hemp (lightened earth coating?) would no longer be in the hot wall category but rather neutral wall. I would have to stay in the hemp lime to stay on the edge of the hot wall, but I like the idea of ​​earth plaster for its hygrometric capacity.

2 - I have a great stone wall on an area of ​​1 m wide at the entrance to my living room that I would like to leave in exposed stone. this wall is an exterior wall facing south. I understood that this part would be in "cold walls" however it would be a thermal bridge given the width of my wall (80cm)

short I hope to be clear enough in my explanations and thank you in advance for your valuable advice

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