Waterproofing a fiber cement roof (asbestos)

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Waterproofing a fiber cement roof (asbestos)

by naposyl » 24/08/21, 10:58

we have a workshop, a kind of barn which occupies an area of ​​100m2 and whose roof is made of asbestos asbestos cement slabs.
The plates are completely covered with mosses and lichens and in places cracked and / or more completely waterproof, so that we have leaks.
So far, we have patched up step by step, with bituminous felt and bituminous paint "dressings" and started to remove the foam without scratching too much and with natural products.

I know that to do something clean you would have to wrap it all up or change the coating completely. The problem is that we don't have the budget to do it right away (we plan to change the roof within 3 years) and that in the meantime, we are looking for an effective solution to stop these leaks and therefore improve the waterproofing of the support with the most natural and economical solutions possible.

After doing a lot of research, I hesitate between a lime wash or a flour wash.
So far I have tested a few mixtures, especially with lime.
As the roof is very porous, and it is also very exposed to rain, I think that a hydraulic lime wash might be more appropriate. As adjuvants, I tried with soap and alum salt, but it still powder too much.

In the end, I don't know if lime is the right choice, maybe a more fatty mixture would be better, like a flour paint we add linseed oil and it becomes almost waterproof. But would it hold up on porous fiber cement? And above all, it is still longer to manufacture than the lime plaster ...

Do you have any ideas? suggestions? Thank you in advance for your valuable advice!
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Re: waterproofing a fiber cement roof (asbestos)

by Macro » 24/08/21, 11:12

Your blanket is at the end ... A good tarpaulin weighted down from time to time ... And beware the rotten fibro breaks like wet cardboard ... Climbing above to make a covering will result in additional breakage ...
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Re: waterproofing a fiber cement roof (asbestos)

by yves35 » 24/08/21, 12:08


if you are looking for a natural and economical solution, all I see is banana leaves arranged in a shell.
As macro underlines it is better to send someone light (don't you have young children?). Advantage of the solution: can be recycled in the kitchen if not in compost. A fine example of a circular economy.

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