5 tips for reducing indoor pollution

Discussion of methods of remediation and control air quality.
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Re: 5 tips for reducing indoor pollution

by gillesberdugo » 19/08/21, 12:48

This list indeed seemed a little empty without mentioning the plants. Indoor plants seem very important to me. They are not only depolluting, they act on the well-being of the people who are exposed to them. I also think that indoor plants allow you to reconnect with nature when you are in the city, and to educate others about the environment. Having a large selection of plants indoors also helps educate children about nature and gardening. When you organize activities for your children, you often discover a lot of new information. I wrote this article that talks about it, https://facilementecolo.com/2020/11/18/le-potager-maison-un-outil-educatif-a-adopter-chez-vous/, and it is true that we do not often think of a vegetable garden as an educational tool. Children love contact with the earth, with natural elements. Creating a vegetable garden together can give pride to your child.

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