Repair of electric radiator error code 16.02 (Chauffelec, Concorde, Siemens, Noirot, Airelec ...)

And if they were repairing rather than throwing and change? Rediscover the pleasure of the repairs yourself. How to diagnose a problem or find spare parts? Repair itself is way to save money generally!
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Repair of electric radiator error code 16.02 (Chauffelec, Concorde, Siemens, Noirot, Airelec ...)

by ENERC » 22/12/20, 11:05

My radiator was in error 16.02 with random heating. This failure concerns the models:
Chauffelec ODESSAS II
Concorde Elsa II
Concorde Arkadi
Siemens KLAVA
Noirot Camelia, Karisa, Calidou
Chafelec Cyrene
Airelec Duplex…

I followed the tutorial ... -a-inertie.

Remove the electronic part with the 3 torx screws.
I only disconnected the 3 wires to the heating body and the 3 temperature probe wires (take a photo)
Gently take out the 2 clips which press the transistors onto the radiator
Untwist the aluminum brackets that secure the radiator
Take out the radiator (on the back in photo 1)
Desolder the capacitor 470nF X2> 250V
Resolder a new capacitor
Put back the radiator, twist the 2 fixing lugs with pliers to lock it on the electronic board
Put the 2 clips back on the radiators
Put everything back together and .... it works again !!!!
Capacitor on the left in the photo (in gray)

A failure on a component for less than 1 euro .... it smacks of planned obsolescence : Evil:
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Re: Repair of electric heater error code 16.02 (Chauffelec, Concorde, Siemens, Noirot, Airelec ...)

by jacou07 » 20/01/21, 12:19

I would like here to give my thanks to "enerc" for his tutorial of 22/12/2020 concerning the error code 16.02 ...
I had the same problem in December after a power cut I noticed that my radiator a Concorde Arkadi model of 1500W bought in 2012 displayed this code "16.02" when the heater was triggered controlled by pilot wire, this code is displayed alternately with the "Auto" Comfort mode display ... I called the after-sales service of the "Leroy Merlin" dealer who had no information and could not provide me with any help. I contacted Noirot and Arelec after-sales service and they just told me to contact my dealer to order a control panel ref. S136AA2899EZ ... for info. I got the price from Leroy Merlin: between 85 and 90 € !!!
I went on Amazon and I found the reference of the capacitor sold by 10 for less than 9 € returned !!!
I received the parts in less than 48 hours, I replaced this damn capacitor ,,, radiator reassembled and in perfect operation since ... A big thank you for your tutorial ....
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