Problem on Toshiba satellite PC

And if they were repairing rather than throwing and change? Rediscover the pleasure of the repairs yourself. How to diagnose a problem or find spare parts? Repair itself is way to save money generally!
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Re: Problem on Toshiba satellite PC

by Obamot » 14/08/21, 00:37

Macro wrote:It was offered to me for ... My 40th birthday ... So it has been running for almost 10 years ..... Without worries until (except 3 batteries the first under warranty) .... No liquid on the keyboard and its power supply which melted ...

I picked up a brand new keyboard at my job ... I'm going to try this ... I have to find a way to deactivate the main one at startup and that it be reversible ...
Pictures would help to understand the state of the device / charger and how you reconnected it, I did not quite understand.

You don't have a full back up of the disk on an external disk?

If not, can I advise to do it as soon as possible (you did not mention it) before the failure eventually becomes permanent. (You can find them cheaply, often the data is worth more than the PC ... at least on a large USB key)

If instead you have a bootable backup, try booting it to see if the symptoms persist.

If the symptoms persist, it may also be that the problem comes from the memory modules, I have already had this problem several times of beeping on different PCs at startup, always a module which failed to be recognized (intermittent problem then one fine day definitive ) ... But ouch, it may be that the memory is soldered to the motherboard, in this case there is nothing to do. If they are not soldered together and you have two or more, just isolate / remove them one by one, until the symptoms go away. In my case it had worked. If this is the case it may be the opportunity to upgrade the bars to increase the capacity (well I do not know if the game is worth the effort, to calculate).

Bonne chance.
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Re: Problem on Toshiba satellite PC

by Remundo » 15/08/21, 23:22

that won't help, but ...

around 2005, I bought a nice TOSHIBA Satellite M60 PC; at the time of the high-end, 17 "screen and powerful ...

he was the victim of a manufacturing defect in his screen which made permanent vertical lines until things were almost unreadable.

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Toshiba never wanted to admit the manufacturing defect or any support.
in this forum : ... an-toshiba
I post under Toto63

We changed the screen with my dealer, then I gave the PC to my farming cousins.

A few years later, the motherboard gave up the ghost !!

Since then I have never bought any Toshiba product again. Fuck them.

I switched to ASUS and find them to be quite reliable.
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