Divertron 1200x submersible pump unexpected shutdown

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Divertron 1200x submersible pump unexpected shutdown

by totoche01 » 03/10/21, 16:56

I am calling on you because I have a submersible pump for my rainwater collection tank. Model divertron 1200x.
This pump is 9 years old and for a few weeks it has stopped unexpectedly to restart immediately.
I disassembled the water outlet and started it up, in this case and without outlet pressure, it works well continuously.
If I reconnect it to the network and turn it on to supply the toilets for example, it will stop every 5 to 10sec as if the pressure in the network seems too high but restarts immediately ... to stop and restart and stop. I also have the impression that the filling of the toilet tank is taking longer than before.

Does this symptom correspond to the wear of the capacitor that would then have to be changed?

I see thank you in advance and good day to you.
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