cordless screwdriver motor

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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cordless screwdriver motor

by NIRAVONG » 11/04/22, 12:05

I have a SPIT HDI 286 lithium cordless screwdriver, following an overheating with smoke, no longer turns. When the trigger is pulled, there is a jerk of the engine but it does not turn. I guess the engine is good to change.
Therefore, I am looking for one and on the other hand, if someone can tell me where I could find one at a reasonable price, I am a taker.
I thank you in advance. Cordially.
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Re: Cordless screwdriver motor

by Flytox » 11/04/22, 19:53

Try on the web by just copying the references found on the engine. You may be able to find on "and the 40 thieves", if it is you will not need to buy 20 to help you out : Mrgreen: : Wink:
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Re: Cordless screwdriver motor

by phil59 » 12/04/22, 17:37

On ali, breakdowns when unpacking are not to be feared, we get reimbursed quite easily.

Afterwards, it's complicated, and you have more shipping costs to send back than the price of the device, in general...
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