Idea for a dryer, for a lower instantaneous consumption

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Idea for a dryer, for a lower instantaneous consumption

by phil59 » 22/07/22, 22:20

Another dumb idea, no doubt....

I have solar panels, not many, and the production is much less than what the dryer takes....

But a washing machine does not constantly take the maximum power.

It heats up fully, then stops at the temperature reached, then heats up a lot, etc....

The idea would be to limit the instantaneous power to 500W max...
With something like this...

bidule.JPG (63.4 KiB) Viewed 468 times

Haven't looked for the cheapest yet....

Perhaps the best would be to authorize, for example 5-10 mn the maximum power, so that it heats up, and then to limit ... history that the drying time remains about the same ....

What do you think about it ?

ME, I think it would make it possible not to use much on the network, when it would be easier to put it outside to dry and consume nothing...
But that's too complicated to explain to my wife.... : Arrow:
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