Motor oil 2T scooter in a chainsaw, possible?

And if they were repairing rather than throwing and change? Rediscover the pleasure of the repairs yourself. How to diagnose a problem or find spare parts? Repair itself is way to save money generally!
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Re: 2T engine oil scooter in a chainsaw, possible?

by Christophe » 24/07/17, 11:47

djo59 wrote:Don't worry I know, that will remind me of my good old 103 : Mrgreen:

Ah you too? Here are 2 of mine: pub / christophe-sa-special-98-mob-chop-report-en-1996 t6583.html : Cheesy:

Bigre it does not rejuvenate me !!
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Re: 2T engine oil scooter in a chainsaw, possible?

by Macro » 24/07/17, 13:10

Christophe wrote:Bigre it does not rejuvenate me !!

Who do you say .... Perso in 1996 ... We started the first minimacro with Mamita ...

15 years later ... It started again the mechanics in the engines of breles ... And today ... It continues ... In addition with the second which is thoroughly in the stunt ... It suffers serious .. ..I gave him a immat plate to the new standards .... He got into the idea of ​​planing it without touching it .... Little con ... : Cheesy:

I always wonder how can the fuel float work at such an angle ...
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The only thing safe in the future. It is that there may chance that it conforms to our expectations ...
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Motor oil 2T scooter in a chainsaw, possible?

by Arthurbg » 31/07/18, 10:49

We NEVER want to inform you about the standards that often exist, still you have to know if these standards are respected, here, it is the case, I rubbed shoulders with enough qualified people to know it, see the firms that produce them !
Brands are cheesy, they have to give up more and more ground to supermarkets and discounters and as they have to earn more tomorrow than yesterday, you have to scam more and more, it was not the case when they did the law !
Even in food: you still have to read the labels, but more and more discount products are better for health, but have less taste because they refuse to add too much salt, glutamate sugar ...érence-significative-de-composition-nutritionnelle-entre-premiers-prix-marques-de
Back to oils:
I'm not going to talk about it and you will see the answer here:
FYI, formerly Husqvarna sold its best oil for scooter and its least good for chainsaw!
And if it's heavier and less appreciated, for the quality surpasses the king STIHL, especially in 2T alkylate petrol
You buy tiles type "Tile standards" and then adapt according to what you find using their vocabulary
But in olive oil, the Italian mafia pollutes the market and therefore standards are not met!
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