Cheating TDI EA189 pollution Volkswagen (seat, audi ...)

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Re: Cheating EA189 pollution TDI Volkswagen (seat, audi ...)

by Christophe » 12/11/18, 22:00

That's it, no need to cheat on NOx ... Bosch has the solution ... but based on what technology? Mystery... ... _3234.html

Automotive: Bosch announces "revolution" in diesel technology

The group has developed a system that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions to a level up to ten times lower than the standards that will come into effect in 2020.

The numbers seem too good to be true. On Wednesday April 25, Bosch, the world's largest automotive supplier, announced a major technological breakthrough on the diesel engine: the system developed by its engineers reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to one level. up to ten times lower than the standards that will come into effect in 2020 and this, in real driving situation.

To convince suspicious observers, after months of controversy and scandals over diesel, Bosch invited them to drive a vehicle equipped with the new system through a route through Stuttgart and its hills at rush hour. The results are impressive: whatever the hour and the type of driving, the values ​​recorded by the exhaust gas control device drawn by the car are below 40 mg of NOx per kilometer, well below the 168 mg currently required by the legislation.

Minimum cost

According to the engineers who participated in the development, the new system does not involve expensive new parts, it is mainly based on a better organization of the engine and the smarter integration of parts already available in series. The additional cost of this system is minimal, assures the group, it can be immediately integrated with Euro 6 standard vehicles. "We want to put an end, once and for all, to the diesel debate," says Volkmar Denner, chairman of the group's executive board, who emphasizes the CO2 emission advantage, which would be lower than expected. 15% to those of a gasoline vehicle.

According to the group, a hundred engineers have been working for five years to develop this solution. And the group wants to go even further: thanks to the intervention of artificial intelligence, the engine could eventually have no impact on the air quality.

Will Bosch be able to convince public opinion and politicians that diesel has a future, three years after “dieselgate”? The task seems difficult, as the credibility of the German automotive industry has suffered. Bosch himself is under investigation by the Stuttgart court and a class action in the United States for his suspected suspicious role in the fake diesel engine case, which has damaged his reputation. If it still succeeds, it is a new chapter in the history of diesel that could open.

Cecile Boutelet
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Re: Cheating EA189 pollution TDI Volkswagen (seat, audi ...)

by Remundo » 13/11/18, 21:40

I think Bosch has developed an exhaust aftertreatment which destroys NO and / or NO2

difficult to say more because several avenues are possible

for example
1) use a metal oxide: MO + 3 NO2 -> M (NO3) 2 + NO which potentially removes 2/3 of the NOx present in the gases.
M maybe Fe (MO = FeO)

2) get nitric acid from NO2 or NO (and I would lean for this method ...)
in a very oxygenated and hot environment, we manage to make 2 NO + O2 -> 2 NO2
and all NO2 can hydrate with water vapor: NO2 + H2O -> HNO3

3) a new catalytic reduction process?

Bosch will have to give birth to his method anyway ...
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