The car of the future

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I posted 500 messages!
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Re: The car of the future

by jean.caissepas » 19/01/22, 01:01

At this price, an electric scooter seems more practical (except very rainy countries) and cheaper.

Afterwards, in humid countries with a lot of cycle paths, it allows you to be dressed in street clothes without risking getting it wet and without the need to change if you don't have changing rooms at work)

This remains an answer to EV enthusiasts who don't like the rain.
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Re: The car of the future

by Christophe » 29/08/22, 10:55

Patak, the future electric car of the future of the past:

2020_Patak_Roadster.jpg ... annees-20/

Installed in compact dimensions designed to adapt to the city, there is a 15 kilowatt motor (about 20 horsepower) as well as a battery which, depending on the option chosen, offers a range of 100 or 250 kilometers (for a recharge of 4 or 9 hours). The machine displaying some 450 kilos on the scale, such motorization makes it possible to reach without forcing the 130 km/h. Not enough to get into Formula 1 but enough to move around without triggering any radar in its path. (..)

It is already possible to reserve your model by paying a deposit of 500 euros, prices ranging from 22 euros to 900 euros depending on the autonomy chosen.

I like fine wheels...but the price is not at all ecological! Shouldn't make Patrak! : Mrgreen:
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Re: The car of the future

by lancson » 20/01/23, 19:15

Michel Kieffer wrote:The car of the future she will be more hybrid? electric ...? ... Compressed air? ... Hydrogen? ...

You will find the answers in the "Energy"of the site see in particular the comics:
- "fossil fuels, alternatives and illusions"
- "the car 2 liters per hundred, it's easy"
- "electric car and CO2"

very interesting. Thank you for sharing
It would now be interesting to investigate why this is not happening at the policy level. Blocking manufacturers?
J-Paul aka Lancson
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