Ban old cars (av. 1997) and 2 wheels (av. 1999) in Paris

Transport and new transport: energy, pollution, engine innovations, concept car, hybrid vehicles, prototypes, pollution control, emission standards, tax. not individual transport modes: transport, organization, carsharing or carpooling. Transport without or with less oil.
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Re: Prohibition of old cars (before 1997) and 2 wheels (before 1999) in Paris

by Obamot » 01/06/16, 07:59

Christophe wrote:They are built these factories but I doubt that it has the advertised manufacturing capacity ... I do not criticize the desire to spend 80% of RATP on electricity,

I criticize the utopian figures announced and relayed by journalists
the vast majority of which no longer have any capacity for personal analysis
and therefore only relay press releases

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Toxic more than ever: GuyGadebois
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Re: Prohibition of old cars (before 1997) and 2 wheels (before 1999) in Paris

by Did67 » 01/06/16, 10:00

Christophe wrote:
After all, it's true that in intramural Paris,

It is "intramural": the City of Paris has no jurisdiction over the municipalities located beyond the periphery, which have their own municipal council and are independent municipalities ...
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