Engines or processes over unity, debate and ideas ?and me??

Myth or reality ? The question remains! It's up to you to judge on this part of forum, processes such as the inventions of Tesla, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...

Search of perpetual motion is a "fantasy" of the human mind for centuries ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby chedavid » 29/09/04, 15:40

my parents own a Citroen BX Turbo Diesel. she 250000 km and we would like to know if, when you talk about normal engine, the method of mixing with the crude vegetable oil works on our vehicle.
on the other hand, I have a mob ', an old Peugeot 103 generation, gasoline, and walking with a mixture of oil two times. that do to pollute less with? I did not understand all your explanations ...
thank you in advance.
david, 15 years.
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 29/09/04, 16:37

For BX I advise you to read the .pdf on this page:
https://www.econologie.com/l-huile-veget ... s-120.html

For the mob not much to do .... can be the synthetic fuel? (L 200 5 vegetable oil + L of alcohol burn mixed for a few days and a synthetic fuel is obtained)

Or better: mounting a pantone reactor (see section Project Pantone) on the site.

I am the author of the engineer's report
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