Water injection in engines: montages and experimentsBe together ! Overview

Edits and changes to engines, experiences, findings and ideas.
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 09/12/04, 20:20

sylveno wrote:: D Hello again
I have not been here long.
Apparently, things would move?
I reiterate my proposal:
I represent an association 1901 in the Tarn having some financial and human resources to make available for the realization and the public presentation of PMC. (last vote of the general assembly unanimously). : Rolleyes:

Please post this message in the section of the region ....
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby MobyleX » 10/12/04, 00:36

I have 17 years (yes that's a little young but good), I am passionate about mechanics (like my grandfather, I invented and btw shématisé but not produced a new perpetual motion system based magnetic much after I informed) and hyper green (like my mother).
The problem is that until now gasoline engine and ecology, it will not set too ... except through the Pantone system or electrolysis of water (or both combined, I want to do).
In short all that to say that I did not have much experience (except for restoring old motorcycles, see my website) but I MOTIVE SUPER, SUPER AMBITIOUS (maybe a little too ...) AND 100 % WITH YOU IN THE EVOLUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION :D

It'll be a young with you, takes all ...

You can count on me to change all these water systems. :P

My site (in case that someone interresserait): http: //perso.wanadoo.fr/mobylex
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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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Unread Messageby Superform » 10/12/04, 17:36

The only things I can tell you is that the french site that relays the experiences are in good faith, including Quanthomme. As for the official distributor in Europe, it does not surprise me, Christopher said the patent had not been renewed us (or accepted?) In Europe (in France or only?) In these conditions, difficult to market Something !
For either case it does not surprise me, Christophe has already told us that we should not rely on Pantone. He met with no results ...

As to whether the system works, well I say YES, at least to reduce pollution drastically. Make energy savings, I think so too, although not having experienced ...
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby zchamano » 13/12/04, 03:11


Where is the geography link to local groups. Are til people in the Loiret on this site?
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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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Unread Messageby Misterloxo » 13/12/04, 12:34

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