synthesis of my trials

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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synthesis of my trials

View mécano22 » 08/12/04, 12:48

for having made 3 reactors on different engines: on mower: my best result
r5, with the same reactor: good results
transporter WW engine cocc: poor results (another reactor)
r18 diesel with pantonne plan: average results. (another reactor)

my observation, the reactor is above all a good fuel refiner: r5 petrol engine worked well with diesel and a little water (20%) without any smoke!!
as well as the mower: full power with only gasoline, but no smoke (25 mm at the bottom in a garage!!) and engine idling with 50% motor oil and 50% smokeless water always, but no power

everyone went on the addition of water via the reactor, I think this is not the solution, hence the many disappointments.

I will redo the tests this winter on a 2CV, placing the reactor after the carburetor, to have the same volume of crossflow, I think we have to look in this direction, the tractor that works best has 7 reactors! ! therefore more crossover flow volume.

on my 18 diesel, 185 MM reactor (pantone directive, I had bought the disappointing plans) I had an overpower, with self-ignition, the engine raced, I thought it was going to explode! !
not having had time to continue, I return to the gasoline engine, with less compression! and risk!

I also think that it is necessary to rub the exhaust gases well too, and therefore leave only 2 mm for the passage (pantonne advice on an English site)

I think there are parameters that escape us, there is an improvement in performance, that's clear
I'm going on the equal volume of crossflow and I'll keep you informed of my tests, within 5 months! not having much time
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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View Adrien » 08/12/04, 15:35

Wouldn't you be Pascal de Plurien?

If it's you, delighted to see you again, I don't know if you remember, I went to your house at the end of last May with a friend.

Why shouldn't gasoline and water be put in the reactor? Even by putting a carburettor for gasoline, and a bubbler for water (before the reactor) as Christophe did on his ladybug.

For my part, I first thought of doing a simple water doping while keeping my current fuel circuit to have a minimal working assembly. Once all this is mastered, I think replaced the water with gasoline or another fuel, and cut off the fuel supply from the current carburettor (without cutting off the accelerator pump).
How did you do for the reactor in your transporter? Because personally I have trouble on this point... I opted for a 4in1 I will try to fit the reactor between the collector and the silencer.

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