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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby to_pal2003 » 07/11/04, 18:55

CHRISTOPHE Hello, I just read your email on the list I completely do agree with you
but I take my example

I live in a small village of nievre, I already years ago a roughly manufactures and installs the reateur pantone which works great I am super motivated but alas I have found someone who can help me to advantage as a Parament I'm the only one in the area and I do not just move too

I mean that I am giving money and I expect the fallout that does not interest me and besides I profit from this system will set up because I want to participate and I just bring my help because I did of electronics or so will there be of the groups in each department because in my opinion I should not be alone in this case


PS: this is why I remain silent until prensent
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